We are Anna & Mantas, an American-Lithuanian duo of interaction designers. We create experiences to investigate new realities, media technology, and the emerging human behavior around them.

Available Experiences:

Edible Internet

Product • Fiction • Experience

Location-tracking dietary supplements for a post-privacy future

Edible Internet is a simulation of a post-privacy experience. It provides people training via vitamin for a future (and present) where their location is being involuntarily shared. 

Experience Edible Internet as a performance installation or pop-up shop.

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Workshop • Experiment • Talk

Ongoing research regarding virtual interactions with conventional reality

Interreality is a space where people in VR and people out of VR can interact. These interactions are meant to challenge the notion that VR can only be experienced alone. They do not rely on screens nor are they one-to-one enhancements of the physical world.

Experience Interreality as a talk, exhibition, or single-day workshop.

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Installation • Machine learning • Game

A game of charades based on machine error

Charades.ai is a game of charades played with a computer. It is a reflection on computer vision and machine error, as it examines the different perceptions of machine and man.

Experience Charades.ai as an installation or exhibition booth.

Contacts & Us

We are based in Los Angeles & Copenhagen. But we are always happy to move around the world and find interesting friendships, collaborations, and opportunities to participate in inspiring events.

Invite us to one or just say hi@swallowtwice.com

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